Upcoming dates :

Hindi – 30 Sep (Wednesday) 10 am to 1 pm

English – 1 Oct (Thursday) 10 am to 1 pm

What is the immunity building workshop?

This is a 3-hour online workshop wherein you will learn how to increase your immunity & safeguard yourself from all diseases.

In this workshop, people from all over the world join from their respective homes to improve health, reverse diseases & unleash the potential of this human body!


What will we learn?

• How you can safeguard yourself during the pandemic
• 5 steps to improve your immunity in just 21 days
• How to reverse any disease, simply by changing your food, without medicines


How does it work?

As soon as you register for the workshop, you will receive an email with a unique joining link for a live session. To join the live session, you simply have to click the link.


Upcoming Workshops

23rd and 24th September are fully booked.

Hindi – 30 Sep (Wednesday) 10 am to 1 pm
English – 1 Oct (Thursday) 10 am to 1 pm

All timings are in IST


Workshop Facilitator
Radhika Gupta
Satvic Health Educator

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Experiences of previous participants

Neeraj Saini
"I had a psoriasis patch on my leg since 25 years. Within 2 months of following the lifestyle recommended, the patch completely disappeared. Earlier, I used to have sleepless nights. Now, I sleep within 5 minutes of getting into bed. This workshop has been a miracle for me!"

Neeraj Saini
50, Faridabad
Sarla Totada
"I was suffering from PCOD since the age of 15. Within 3 months of following the Satvic lifestyle, I completely reversed my PCOD. Now I get my periods each and every month. Now I have much clearer skin and hair fall has totally gone."

Sarla Totada
31, Bangalore
Manjiri Sapkal
"My immunity score was 0/8. Within 8 days of following the steps taught in the immunity workshop, I was able to bring my score up to 5/8. I now sleep well, my constipation is totally gone & I'm bustling with energy throughout the day"

Manjiri Sapkal
27, Pune
Vedanth Sheth
"Within 1 and a half months, my blood pressure and cholesterol was completely reversed. I now have a belief that even the biggest diseases can be cured naturally, without medicines."

Vedanth Sheth
33, Gujarat
Divyata Raval
"I weighed 95 kgs and was taking blood pressure medicines. After following the Satvic lifestyle, I lost 17 kgs & completely cured my high blood pressure in just 4 months. I can now go for a run in the morning, something that wasn’t possible for me my entire life."

Divyata Raval
31, Mumbai
Heta Bavaria
"This lifestyle has changed my life completely. I had severe knee pain and my face was double the size of what it is now. By following the lifestyle recommended in the workshop, within 1.5 months, 60% of the swelling caused by arthritis has gone and knee pain has become history."

Heta Bavaria
28, Mumbai

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I join the online workshop?

You will receive a link on your e-mail as soon as you register for the workshop. Click on the link 10 minutes before the scheduled start time on the day of the workshop.

Will I receive a recording of the workshop?

No. A replay link or a recording of the session will not be available. We request you to register only if you will be able to attend the session live.

How is the workshop different from watching the YouTube videos?

The online workshops are live sessions and thus are much more detailed and interactive. The workshop involves a lot of fun activities and live demonstrations to help you understand the knowledge better. You will have a chance to connect with the Satvic community and meet like minded people online.

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